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WATCH: Outraged Parents In Revolt Against Muslim Prayer In Schools! (Video)

Schools are stepping way over the boundaries in what they are teaching and allowing to be taught. This was evident when The Peel School Board approved Islamic sermons and prayers in schools, where students and preachers can pick whatever prayer they want in Arabic with no translations.

It’s a known fact that Islam can not and will not peacefully co-exist with any other religion on earth. Never!!
Knowing this, parents almost riot when their opposition against Muslim prayers in the school is ignored.

“These parents are at a boiling point — and I predict you’ll be seeing more of this pushback. It’s long overdue. After months of being ignored.

Autocrats who traffic in our children’s future must be stopped.

The video is wild. Janet McDougald, chair of the Peel board, told CBC Toronto that “a small but vocal group” have been attending board meetings for the last two months “specifically to make it known they are against Muslim prayer in schools.”

She said that police were forced to clear the meeting on Wednesday after some attendees shouted comments about Shariah law and the Islamic indoctrination of children.”

It was about time people got mad about something. If no one stands up against these people and their demands then they will take over everything we believe in and stand for.

Parents have every right to be angry because no religion is supposed to be favored in public schools. If Muslims want to spread their religion, they need to move out of this country. No Sharia Law in the Western world. This cannot be allowed in our country.

It is way overdue for Americans to take back the school system.

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