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US General Has Terrible News

US LT. General says our tanks are now at a disadvantage and they need to be upgraded.

The Washington Examiner reported: U.S. tanks are now roughly on par with Russian tanks, according to a top general, and the American military doesn’t have the technology to recover its former advantage.

“I would not say that we have the world class tank that we had for many, many years,” Lieutenant General John Murray said during a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing on modernizing the Army. “I’ll be the optimist and say that we’re at parity with a lot of different nations.”

That was one example of what the Army calls a loss of “overmatch” — the technological advantage over potential adversaries that has ensured U.S. preeminence among world militaries in recent decades. Murray warned that “our most capable enemies are closing quickly” in a variety of areas, due to recent budget cuts to military spending, but the prowess of what the military calls heavy armor is particularly worrisome.

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