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Trump Lashes Out At Freedom Caucus, Holds Democrat-RINO Love-In

President Trump’s apparent willingness to lash out at those who “brung him to the dance,” his conservative base, as he attempts to snuggle up to Ryan and Priebus’ establishment and Democrat opposition is inexplicable on its face, offensive and sure to be counterproductive. Loyalty was a trait that most of us believed to be an integral part of who Donald Trump was as a person and one that we valued in him.

He’s now giving us some reason for doubt and concern. President Trump is attacking his most ardent supporters and professing an alliance with those who are still lying about him, claiming he’s in bed with Russia and responsible for all sorts of dirty tricks and smears over the past year or so, and who are led by criminals. Excuse us for not being able to look the other way, Mr. President.

President Trump appears to be attempting to save face by vilifying the conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus, blaming them for the failure of Priebus and Ryan in bringing a disastrous bill forward and then dictating to them that it be approved or else. They chose or else and Trump should be thanking them daily for doing so.

His tweet in which he stated about the Freedom Caucus, “We must fight them and Dems in 2018” is, with all due respect, totally out of line and inexcusable. To make that claim as he joins forces with the establishment RINO Paul Ryan and his groomer Reince Priebus is concerning. To do so as he openly courts and embraces Democrats is alarming.

Michigan Freedom Caucus member Justin Amash tweeted a response, saying, “It didn’t take long for the swamp to drain Donald Trump. No shame, Mr. President, almost everyone succumbs to the DC Establishment.” Having worked so hard to convince conservatives that he could be trusted, is this really a position that President Trump wants to take?

They show a clip of Paul Ryan professing his understanding for the frustrations of the President but none of directed at the establishment boy Speaker. In fact he goes on to claim that there was 90% support for his bad bill but that 90% wasn’t enough. That doesn’t comport with the 17% approval rating it’s been reported to have. Somewhere someone is fudging the numbers.

Maybe Trump is grandstanding, putting on the show for the folks so that next time around, be it now or down the road, they fall into line. Maybe it’s to drive the point home to the American people that he tried to keep his promise but he’s also illustrating the point that there was a “no matter what” component to his effort, even if we ended up in worse shape and the Democrats were given the path to power in 2018 and 2020.

One of the major points of contention, as Mercedes Schlapp points out, is the fact that Ryan’s bill did nothing to lower premiums for the next few years. A billionaire joining with the establishment errand boy in passing a bill that doesn’t lower premiums and claiming they did what they came to Washington to do is a fast ticket out of power and to a one term presidency. Trump is a smart guy, why can’t he see the obvious?

Eric Bolling points it out to him, saying, “The Freedom Caucus saved Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid by voting down this healthcare bill. It was bad. Premiums were going to go up for middle class and lower income people going into midterm elections and going into 2019, right before 2020. They don’t start to turn down until after 2020. It was the best thing to happen to Donald Trump.

Bolling thinks all of this is a setup for tax reform or another bill, which, if that is the case, Trump is generating a lot of negative feelings among his supporters unnecessarily. Tax reform should be an easy fix, taxes are going down. There’s no need to make enemies of your friends and supporters to get it approved, or to inject the uncertainty of the character of the man they stood by through thick and thin and ushered into the White House.

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