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The Truth About Donald Trump’s Election That Liberal Media Is Suppressing

It’s safe to say this election was unlike any we’ve seen before. Following Donald Trump’s victory, liberals have erupted in riots and protests demanding that the Electoral College turn their backs on the system. But perhaps one of the most shocking elements of this election was just how biased the mainstream media really is.

Many Trump supporters have felt this first hand. They have been attacked for their vote and labeled homophobic or racist just for supporting a candidate they believe in—a candidate who proposes a real change for this country instead of just more of the same corruption we’d see with another Clinton presidency.

Many people have been focusing in on the mainstream media’s biased coverage of the election—and the twisted polls are just scratching the surface. Before the election, major news sites were reporting that Clinton had an 80% chance of winning the election.

America feels manipulated and betrayed, to the point where many people and changing their viewership or canceling their subscriptions to major news sources.

President-elect Donald Trump weighed in on the matter on Twitter, pointing out that The Times had lost thousands of subscribers since the election.

What do you think? Should the mainstream media be held accountable for their backward portrayal of Trump throughout the election process? Was Donald Trump right all along?

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