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Shifty Schiff – All Innuendo, No Facts Trump Blame Game On Fake News CNN

Jake Tapper goes through such convoluted and left-friendly sanitized phraseology and comments it’s sometimes difficult to remember where his sentence started or figure out where he’s headed or what he’s trying to say. What isn’t hard to recognize is that he’s providing a platform for the fake Russia story to be further propagated and the innuendos, both his own and those of lollipop head, Rep Adam “Shifty” Schiff, to be aired and advanced.

Tapper gets his tongue tangled up from the outset as he desperately attempts to “safely” validate the Dems while disparaging Republicans and the White House, describing the raising of issues about “incidental” surveillance of Trump advisers and the “maybe even the President.” The word “incidental” implies insignificant in the usage, which is not the case. Collateral damage is incidental and might be a better way to describe what has taken place. Created plausible deniability for a deliberate espionage operation is probably the best description, though one that is too accurate and damaging to the globalist establishment cause for Tapper or Schiff to ever consider its use.

Tapper is quick to point out that Rep Nunes has stated that these documents do not show the wiretapping of President Trump, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other documents which do nor does it in any way indicate that the criminality, the unmasking and subsequent leaking were not significant. Tapper’s applying the most technical of standards and definitions in order to word-parse his way to a Democrat-friendly setting.

He rather matter-of-factly admits and accepts the spying in asking his question of “Now that you’ve seen these documents, can you understand why Chairman Nunes might have some issues with the surveillance that was going on.” It’s no longer a question of whether or not the President was surveilled, it’s treated as a fact and accepted, at least in the context of Tapper’s question and Shifty’s statements, as being nothing remarkable. Had Obama been spied upon by Republicans, would it have brought the same yawns and defenses from these political and media hacks?

Shifty chooses not to answer the simple yes or no question of whether he can understand the concerns of Chairman Nunes and instead state that he can’t talk about the documents. Tapper didn’t ask him to, but he and his fellow anti-Americans aren’t benefited by that conversation, so it won’t happen. Instead he’ whines again about Nunes having not shared it with his treacherous self in the first place and shifts, the reason he’s called Shifty Schiff, to what he calls the most important thing that people need to know about these documents. Oddly, from his perverse perspective, It’s two things that aren’t classified. One is the assertion by the White House that he was shown the same documents as what Nunes saw. That was a trap set before he even went to view them. If he was told they weren’t the same why not, and if they were the same how did they know? The only question was which script would Shifty be using on TV.

The second most important thing, according to Shifty, is the statement by Sean Spicer that the materials were produced in the ordinary course of business. He wants to know whose business, why didn’t he look at the heading of the document, the author and source should have been on the first page. Of course, had he done that or not pretended not to have done it, he would have missed a chance to imply some impropriety. It’s much better to float false implications to the American people, as the Russia meddling hoax has so vividly demonstrated.

Schiff demonstrates, the two most important things have nothing to do with the content or the deep state crimes committed, but with the political hay that he and his comrades can make of the situation their own criminal activity has created.

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