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Muslim Rapist RELEASED By Liberal Judge, What Happens Next Is DEMONIC!

Most of the prominent nations have been thoroughly taken over by leftists intent on transforming their respective societies into progressive utopias.

But all they’ve managed to do is drastically diminish everything that made these nations great.

They’ve eroded freedom of speech and decided to show favor to those who aren’t citizens or part of the native ethnic group.

The worst part of all this is that these traitorous politicians have invited in hordes of invaders that have occupied their lands and have no intention of assimilating to Western culture.

Millions of Muslims have been given special treatment and elevated above all others, which has resulted in mayhem.

Crime in these countries has spiked due to the violence these mostly young Muslim men brought with them from the Middle East.

To make matters worse, the leftist courts and local governments refuse to acknowledge everyday reality for fear of being punished by strict speech laws or their own ignorant acceptance of it.

As reported at Mad World News, there are a ton of examples, but an especially appalling one comes from the failing nation of Sweden.

Since they’ve become the self-proclaimed “first feminist government,” the nation has seen a rash of crime increases, especially violence against women.

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