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Muslim Migrants Block Freeway Screaming “Allahu Akbar”

Liberals are always claims that Muslim migrants are peaceful people who mean no harm to the Western world. What just happened in France, however, reminds us this is not the case at all.

According to The Gateway Pundit: reported that the city of Clichy, which is located just a few minutes from Paris, descended into chaos on Wednesday when officials closed a temporary mosque. The mayor had announce two years ago that he planned to close the mosque to build a library. Even though he gave the muslims years of notice, they still weren’t happy about it.

After the city sealed the doors of the mosque, hundreds of Muslims blocked the streets to pray. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar” could be heard, making it all the more terrifying for the locals given the terrorist attack that had happened in London hours earlier.

This just goes to show what happens when a country lets too many Muslim migrants in. THIS is why Donald Trump’s travel ban is so important!

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