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Muslim Didn’t Want To Be Deported, Created Sinister Plan Involving His Wife

It’s no secret that the West has an immigration problem, namely violent criminal offenders who will stop at nothing to ensure they’re able to remain in the country. But what happens when a migrant marries a citizen in hopes of securing clearance to stay, only to find out that they are still facing deportation by federal authorities?

Jamshaid Khan, 30, married his beautiful 27-year-old Bulgarian wife, Milena, in October 2012 in an attempt to gain an easy path to citizenship in the UK after his study visa from 2011 was nearing expiration.

Because Milena was a British citizen living in London, Khan thought their union would make him untouchable — but he was wrong.
Finding out that he only had clearance to stay in the country until February due to authorities suspecting his marriage was a “sham,” Khan became desperate to create a plot to remain in the UK, the Daily Mail reports.

Fortunately for Khan, he was able to appeal the decision, and he was asked to provide further documentation, a request that gained him nearly another year in the country.

When his Islamic marriage of convenience began to crumble, Khan started to slander his young bride on Facebook, telling other women that his “bitch, prostitute” wife was already dead. He began abusing Milena, harassing her with text messages accusing her of cheating with other men. Before too long, he resorted to seeking out a replacement wife, assuming the identity of a successful law graduate.

On January 28, almost one year after he was supposed to have been deported, Khan realised that his efforts to find a way to remain in the UK were fruitless, so he decided there was no use in holding back his rage any longer.

The Daily Mail reports that Khan walked into the bedroom he shared with Milena and stabbed her with a knife 13 times.

Jamshaid Khan stabbed his wife, Milena, 13 times because she refused to help him stay in the UK.
Milena’s injuries were so horrific that investigators found deep defensive wounds to her hands and arms as she desperately struggled to stop Khan from butchering her. She died from a fatal stab to her heart.

Prosecutor Lisa Wilding told the court that there was only one motive for Khan’s crime:

“We suggest that he did so in a rage brought about because she had failed to assist him in his pursuit of a visa to reside in this country.

“He is, we will suggest to you, an obsessive and controlling man and on 28 January last year, perhaps realising he had lost control over her, whilst they were in the bedroom they once shared he attacked her with fatal consequences.

“He needed her help, he needed her co-operation and when ultimately she did not give it she had to pay the price with her life.”
After Khan murdered his young wife, he ran outside and hailed a passing car.

Khan told the court that his wife first attacked him with the knife, and that he had to stab her 13 times in self-defense. The jury, however, wasn’t buying his story.

Khan was convicted of murder and is facing life in prison after sentencing Friday. However, it appears as though Khan got his wish of remaining in the country after all.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump is right about, it’s that illegal immigrants are a dangerous problem that cannot be ignored. If an illegal migrant is willing to break our laws to enter our country in this manner, what’s stopping them from breaking our other laws when it benefits them?

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