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Maxine “Nasty” Waters Wants Trump Impeachment – “Knows” He’s Part Of “Kremlin Klan”

Maxine “untreated effluent” Waters has been the designated rabid dog of the Democrat Party since President Trump became elected, calling for his impeachment since before he even took office. For her the effluent is stagnant, the vile narrative the same, and the goals unchanging, diminish and ultimately defeat the President of the United States. If they’d put this much effort into ISIS, they’d be history by now.

Waters made wore her now famous James Brown hat in her appearance on their first choice in Fake News, one of the many Democrat Party propaganda outlets, CNN. Waters is asked what initially sounds like a real question by Fred “the Neck” Whitfield, before it devolves into an obvious partisan scripted opening. The host asked, “Are Democrats seizing on a position of payback, so to speak, against this President, who tried to delegitimize ‘president’ Obama with the whole birther movement, denying a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, and if so, what’s the risk in doing that?”

Obviously Fred doesn’t think any wisdom is about to be coming her way, but some partisan attacks certainly are. For the record, the birther movement was started by Democrat Philip Berg and led by Dr. Orly Taitz much more than the limited and later involvement by Donald Trump. It was the secreting away of his documents and falsification of what was provided that delegitimized Obama, among other things, not the actions of those attempting to expose his crimes.

Stagnant Maxine details the offenses by President Trump, saying, “Well, the fact of the matter is, without all of that, and I mean those were outrageous kinds of actions that he took, you know, “talking about Obama was not born in this country, etcetera, etcetera.” You can’t speak blasphemy by exposing the Obama hoax, although she indicated the outrage was not in the failure of Obama to prove who he was and doing everything in his power to hide the truth, but in Trump talking about it. And there’s simply no excuse for his having committed the offenses of etcetera or etcetera.

Her unfounded attacks start with a statement that President Trump has outrageously not provided legitimate leadership, something her party has worked hard to make a self-fulfilling declaration through their unified obstructionism. “And this last action that he was involved with, Nunes, and I do believe that he was involved,” and then goes on to assign the same actions of concocting a scheme , to Nunes and Trump that the Democrats have been carrying out in the Trump – Russia hoax.

Based upon the strength of that subjective drivel she continues, asserting, “So, he has done so many things to show he doesn’t understand government, he’s not willing to learn, he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.” She then gets on the Pelosi bandwagon, delivering her mantra, saying, “Most people believe that he’s about diversion.” Really, Waters, most people, which poll are you quoting and how was the question worded?

Most people believe that you’re an ignorant, corrupt partisan hack who only has her position because she will do whatever she’s told and say whatever the anti-Americans want said. No polling data is needed for those conclusions, you provide all the evidence necessary when you open that gaping hole in your face and begin to diminish the memory of James Brown.

The racist missing evolutionary link repeats her description of those around the President as “the Kremlin Klan,” in effect calling the president a member of the KKK. He’s not a Democrat or a racist so it’s not likely. What she does demonstrate is her own racism, and that she’s deserving of being identified with an “N” word – Nasty, just like Hillary Clinton, Ashley Judd and Rosie O’Donnell. She’s a nasty woman, Nasty Waters.


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