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Liberal Reporter Goes to Muslim “No-Go Zone” – It Blows Up in His Face

Liberals are so convinced Trump is wrong that they try to “prove it.” Well, one liberal man got a wake-up call that he won’t soon forget. Maybe now he’ll start listening to Trump!

A war reporter named Tim Pool posted a photo on his Twitter account, trying to prove that Sweden wasn’t as dangerous as Trump said by going into a Muslim “no-go” zone. A few minutes after his arrival, some Muslims put masks on and began to follow him. The police then advised Pool and his crew to leave immediately.


This is what happens when you believe the lies of the mainstream media. If the police had not been there, Pool and the other members of his staff could have been injured or killed.

We’re not making up the current situations in Europe. You simply do not want to be there right now. Even this hardened war journalist left at the police’s advice and was shocked at the situation.

According to Pool’s social media account, the police rushed the camera-toting liberals to their vehicles and advised them to get out of the area. Police tried to explain to them why it was dangerous, saying if they were to arrest anyone, there would be 50 people there in no time, ready to commit violence.

Pool stated in one tweet that apparently the men who were following Pool and his crew believed they were the Swedish press. As the crew was leaving the zone in their vehicle, the men began screaming at them.

To say that Pool was surprised by what happened in Sweden would be an understatement. He only had one thing to say about the whole ordeal, “Honestly, I thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like. I really didn’t expect that to happen.”

This is exactly what the media don’t want the American people to know. They want all of us to believe that President Trump is just blowing smoke up our rears and lying to us, but in fact it’s the mainstream media that are lying right to our faces.

This is why we supported Trump when he put the seven-country ban in place, and this is why we are calling for a wall and for a better immigration vetting process. When you have open borders, you are inviting nothing but chaos.

Imagine the most dangerous city in the world where you can’t walk home alone at night, and you feel the need to carry a weapon at all times. Now, imagine that city is in America.

It’s not far-fetched. It happened in Europe, and it will happen here unless we can wake the liberals up or drag them, kicking and screaming, to safety.

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