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Lib Scum Who Beat Up Trump Supporter Quickly Meet World Of Pain

For nearly a year now, liberals have warned America that Donald Trump would spark violence in the United States. Now that he’s our President-elect, it seems these hypocrites are taking to the streets to riot and beat up anyone they assume voted for him.

According to Conservative Tribune, the four men who made national headlines after the election for beating up a supporter on video and then stealing his car have finally been apprehended by the Chicago Police Department.

The four criminals quickly became viral villains after footage of them beating up a defenseless 50-year-old man was shared thousands of times. The shocking clip shows the men brutally beating David Wilcox, while observers scream, “You voted for Trump!”

The four suspects are Julian Christian, 26; DeJuan Collins, 20; Rejane Lewis, 21; and a 17-year-old minor who was not named. All involved have been charged with vehicular hijacking. They had their first court appearance on Friday, though no details have been released.

The incident occurred the day after Election Day. Reports indicate a minor traffic accident sparked the beating.

“I stopped and parked,” Wilcox told the Chicago Tribune. “And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s*** out of me.”

When the men tried to take off with his car, Wilcox held on for as long as he could—but to no avail.

“They were beating me to have me let go of the car,” Wilcox said.

“God was watching over for me. I rolled about five or seven times into the oncoming traffic lanes,” he added.

One of the most controversial aspects of this case is that none of these individuals have been charged with a hate crime. Apparently targeting someone because of his political beliefs (and likely his race) is not enough to convince leftists this is seriously wrong.

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