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JUST IN – Trump JUST Got The BEST News of HIS LIFE – This will make you cry TEARS of JOY

Trump’s Travel ban has infuriated liberals since day one. They have done everything in their power to block Trump despite the fact the travel ban is not a Muslim ban. All the ban does is stop people coming from countries where the majority of people from those countries support groups like ISIS.

In countries where Islam has major political power groups like ISIS and sharia law supporters tend to have high levels of activity. However, there a long list of Muslim countries that are not on the list, proving that it is not a Muslim ban, but only a ban on people coming from areas with high Islamic extremism.

While the left has managed to block the travel ban twice, finally a judge with some common sense has upheld the travel ban.

A federal judge in Virginia ruled Friday upholding President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order that temporarily bans travel from six Muslim-majority states.

Judge Anthony Trenga, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, said in his 32-page ruling that Trump was legally allowed to ban travel from those specific countries and that the executive order was not discriminatory in nature as the Palestinian activist who filed the lawsuit requesting an injunction had suggested.

According to the Daily Caller, a Department of Justice spokesperson issued a statement on the ruling: “The Department of Justice is pleased with the ruling. As the Court correctly explains, the President’s Executive Order falls well within his authority to safeguard the nation’s security.”

An attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who represented the plaintiff in the lawsuit, said they plan to appeal the ruling.

Via Truth Monitor

The interpretation of the judge in Virginia is much more in line with normal interpretation of the law. Generally, you interpret a law, or in this case an order, based on the plain language, you don’t go looking at everything that may have ever been said on the subject, not even necessarily on the order itself.

Liberals need to face the fact that some cultures are better than others when it comes to respecting human rights. Islam does not respect human rights. People who come from countries where Islamic extremism is high will generally not try to assimilate, but will rather make good on ISIS promise to use the “refugee” crisis to infiltrate and conquer the west. Everywhere that has allowed people from these countries to immigrate into their country, have seen huge increases in rapes, assaults, and terrorism.

Thank goodness there’s at least one judge who rules on the LAW — not on emotion!

Thank God that Trump has the guts and common sense to put American’s safety above political correctness.

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