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General Thomas McInerney Accused Clinton And Obama For Violating The Espionage Act

In an explosive interview with Dr. Dave Janda, General Thomas McInerney gives his insider information and opinion of the breaking news of the day.

Lt. Gen. Thomas Mcinerney said that the Trump team was spied on by the NSA/CIA before adding that it wasn’t Russia-related.

He also said that the Russia thing was just used as “political cover in order to spy on Trump.”

The Lt. General claimed has no doubt the NSA has all of Hillary’s emails, including the deleted ones.

He also said that he firmly believes that Clinton and Obama violated the espionage act:

“Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust.”

“This whole thing has been a charade. It is tactical deception,” McIerney said. “They do not want the Trump administration to look into the violation of the Espionage Act by Hillary Clinton, with her rogue server, and by the president, who used a pseudonym on her rouge server. They are both in violation of the Espionage Act.”

He exposes a letter from Admiral Lyons that describes the exposure of the supercomputer called The Hammer. “Clapper and Brennan oversaw a secret supercomputer system called the Hammer. They were doing illegal and unconstitutional data harvesting and wiretapping. They wiretapped Donald Trump ‘a zillion times’, according to Admiral Lyons.”

McInerney believes that after all the evidence comes out, Obama will rue the day he spied on Trump.

He also said that Valerie Jarrett is the one that stands behind the Trump surveillance.

Boom, McInerney said it right!! Anyway, we already know what kinda corruption and traitor crimes Hillary and Obama and company are.

Stop talking about it and start throwing people in jail. That’s the only way to bring American people’s faith in the government.

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