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Mexican currency drops nearly 1 percent after Trump news


Ford announced on Tuesday he has canceedl its plans to build a new plant in Mexico and will instead invest $700 million in Michigan — creating 700 new jobs here in the United States. The Mexican currency slumped nearly 1 percent following the news. For the Mexican government it’s a …

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This is why people don’t trust the lyin’ media


While sitting in for Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki got carried away with his election predictions. He did not get ONE single state right. It took a long time, and a lot of effort to make this video.

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Is The Obama Administration Being Run By The Muslim Brotherhood?


Something new on the American scene. Something that only President Barack Obama could fantasize. Using Muslim terror supporters to fight terror in the U.S. It sounds like a contradiction of terms. Yet, the promotion of Mohamed Elibiary to senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, has proven …

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