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German Police Raided a Mosque again and this is what they found-Jihadis were trying to Hide it


A HUGE STASH OF WEAPONS REPORTEDLY BELONGING TO ISLAMIST EXTREMISTS HAVE BEEN FOUND HIDDEN NEAR A MOSQUE IN GERMANY. The weapons arsenal was discovered during a top secret raid by a SWAT team in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Local politician Ismail Tipi revealed details of the raid and warned of “the danger of …

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Hannity Is Calling For His Fans Support… Will You Join Him In This Mission?


Throughout the election, when the majority of the nation and the mainstream media doubted Donald Trump, Sean Hannity stood behind him. Now that Trump is in the White House, liberals continue to discredit him and try to take him down. In a recent segment, Hannity addressed the media’s attempts to …

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Breaking: Beloved Fox News Host Just Got Fired, People Are Shocked, Did You Expect It?


It’s a shame how much tumult has occurred at Fox News over the course of the past year. The network has had significant staff turnover, as some of its most dynamic personalities such as Andrea Tantaros and the disgraced Megyn Kelly have either been fired or resigned. The ascent to …

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New Rasmussen Trump Approval Poll Just Changed Everything


A New Rasmussen poll for voters who approve of President Trump shows a 50% approval percentage. This number is incredibly different from the Gallup poll which has consistently shown a much smaller approval number. Rasmussenreports.com reported: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 50% of Likely …

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BREAKING: Secret Service Agent Learns Their Fate After THREATENING Trump


The Secret Service agent who made vile comments while threatening President Trump has finally met the consequences of her anti-American actions. She had it coming! Kerry O’Grady has been removed from her Secret Service agent position. Last October, O’Grady said she refused to a “take a bullet” for President Trump …

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WATCH: Muslim Calls for ISLAMIC Takeover. What is Your Response?


This has to be the most blatant Muslim call-to-arms ever recorded in North America. This video looks like it could have been made by ISIS. Protesters gathered around to support a Muslim terrorist calling for liberals to take up arms and attack President Trump and other Americans. “We must become …

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NSA Documents Prove Government Spying on Trump and Trump Tower for Years


Infowars has obtained credible NSA documents that prove businessman Donald Trump and Trump Tower were under surveillance for years. In early March President Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones during the sacred election process. How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred …

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American Spring Breakers Chant “Build That Wall” In Cancun – Mexican Locals Freak!


Americans from around the country are pumped about President Trump’s plans to build a border wall with Mexico. Young people are particularly excited and have taken to letting our neighbors to the south know how we feel about the President’s immigration plan. As per The Yucatan Times: What would be …

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