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Trump Transition Team Demands List Of Every Executive Order Obama Made On Immigration, Assets To Build Border Wall: Reuters


Trump Transition Team Demands List Of Every Executive Order Obama Made On Immigration, Assets To Build Border Wall: ReutersThe Trump transition team wants copies of every single executive order and directive outgoing President Obama ordered on immigration since he took office, along with several other documents that will let them …

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WATCH – Obama’s ‘Muslim Army’ Is Hiding In America, Waiting To Do UNTHINKABLE When Trump Takes Office


Obama and the likes of him would have you believe that the fear of terrorism is nonsense, because this is America and there is no such thing as a radical Islamist… oh and lets not forget that ISIS who is terrorizing the entire world, is just a JV team…and nothing …

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JUST IN: Obama’s Transgender Rule OVERTURNED By Court – He’s Furious…


Piece by piece, Barack Obama’s leftist social engineering agenda is being dismantled. In a landmark ruling, the Texas Attorney General won a nationwide injunction to block an Obamacare mandate that required taxpayers to pay for “transgender reassignment surgeries” and abortions. The new rule was to take effect Jan. 1 – …

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Trump’s team to PA: ‘There is no Palestine, Jerusalem is not your capital’


Trump’s team is reportedly in contact with the Palestinians but has set a new tone regarding negotiations with Israel. President-elect Donald Trump’s transitional team has recently been in contact with the Palestinians on how to proceed with diplomatic negotiations. Israel Radio, in a report on Tuesday, quoted sources within Trump’s …

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HUMILIATING AMERICA: Italy Just Did What Obama Is Too Cowardly to Do


On Obama’s watch, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the United States every year. And most of them are never deported. European countries are dealing with a similar problem. But Italy has taken matters into its own hands, and did something that Obama is too cowardly to do. …

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REPORT: Clinton Foundation Broke, Now “Begging” For Funds…


The Clinton Foundation is officially begging for funds to keep their crooked — and now dead broke — machine going. Heat Street reports: Hillary’s shocking defeat in the presidential election means that no member of the Clinton dynasty currently holds, or is running for, a powerful government position — which …

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BOMBSHELL Kerry Audio on rise of ISIS: ‘We Watched It Happen-We Thought We Could Probably Manage’ It


It’s not that we haven’t been able to put this together from information that was already out there. We’ve known for some time that the Obama administration was warned about the rise of ISIS as early as August 2012, by field intelligence forwarded from the Defense Intelligence Agency (then under …

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Swedish Mother of 2 Reports Muslim Refugee Gang Rape, What Cops Find On Her Dress TERRIFIES Them


We’re trying to make an omelet here, people. You gotta break some eggs. Just gotta do it. Fria Tider: The Swedish mother of two was gang-raped to the sound of laughter and joyful shouts by at least nine refugees at a refugee camp in Småland Mariannelund, Sweden. The woman was …

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$96 MILLION DOLLARS! Think about that. That’s how much Barack Obama has spent on vacations – VACATIONS – over the past eight years! That’s our money! He’s living the high-life while nearly 100 million people are unemployed! President Obama’s travel expenses cost taxpayers more than $96 million during his time …

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Iraq War Veteran Beats Down 8 Muslims After They Attack His Wife – One Put in the Hospital

A protestor walks along the sidewalk outside the Curtis Culwell Center where a muslim conference against terror and hate was scheduled, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015, in Garland, Texas. Nearly a thousand protestors gathered outside the event center where Imam Siraj Wahhaj was the key note speaker at the event. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Sometimes there is a degree of honor and bravery that is unmatched. Such is the story of Kyle and Liana Tyrrell. As Liana was attacked by eight Muslims who called her a “white slut” and punched her in the face, her husband came to her rescue, fighting all eight off …

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