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CIVIL WAR IS HERE: Dutch citizens fed up with Muslim ‘refugees’ burn down an Islamc center in the country

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Firefighters filmed arriving on the scene amid fears there may have been worshippers trapped inside BY NEAL BAKER A MOSQUE has been destroyed by a massive fire after a suspected far-right arson attack in the Netherlands. Dramatic footage shows the moment emergency crews arrive to tackle the huge blaze at …

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Obama Uses His Farewell Speech To ATTACK Whites One Last Time (Video)


“When minority groups voice discontent, they’re not just engaging in reverse racism or practicing political correctness.” In his farewell address from Chicago, President Barack Obama suggested that to improve upon our democracy, people should consider things from the point of views of other ethnic groups, which he included black and …

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[Watch] Michelle Malkin Just SCHOOLED Those Idiots On “The View” About Obama’s Lies And They Are SPEECHLESS”

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin is the author of a new book, "Invasion," about how lax immigration policy has underminded America's security.  Photo taken Friday, August 23, 2002.  ( Bert V. Goulait / The Washington Times )

Popular and brave author Michelle Malkin (“Culture of Corruption”) came ready for a fight with the Obama sycophants on The View, but in the end the unprepared hosts were no match for Michelle, having no choice but to roll over while Michelle bested their arguments and exposed the myth of …

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WATCH: Trump Nominee OWNS VP Loser Tim Kaine After Kaine Asks Disgusting Question

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On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was grilled by a variety of Democrat and Republican senators during his confirmation hearing. Many of the questions that were asked were fair, but one of Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine’s questions was utterly ridiculous, and Tillerson’s answer …

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Hillary’s Planned Executive Orders Leaked, She Was Set To End Congress With “Special” Power


We should be so glad that Trump won this election, and not letting Hillary stand a chance. Her loss may hurt some liberals, but it is a big win for everyone else. The American people should be glad that instead of a criminal, we have chosen the real one for …

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Look What Charlie Sheen Is Saying About The President-Elect


Charlie Sheen says he is looking forward to Trump’s Impeachment! Charlie Sheen: I’m Looking Forward To Donald Trump’s Impeachment https://t.co/NUYDFozxPS pic.twitter.com/mw0WRxpjpR — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 14, 2017 From The Daily Caller: Charlie Sheen doesn’t think Donald Trump has much time in the White House. After Meryl Streep railed …

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See What Donald Trump Had To Say About Civil Rights Icon


Rep. John Lewis, who previously said that Trump is not a “legitimate President” and stated his intention to boycott the election, has finally earned a response from Trump! Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not …

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Check Out The List Of Politicians Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration!


What a surprise – everyone on the list is a Democrat! From The Hill: A growing number of Democrats are saying they won’t watch President-elect Donald Trump take the oath of office next week. The majority of Democrats plan to attend the inauguration and uphold the tradition of watching the …

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