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CNN IS FINISHED! What Trump Did To Don Lemon Late Last Night Will RUIN Him!


CNN is allegedly fake news. Most of America knows that. Their ratings are tanking and they haven’t had a single interview with them in forever. If you remember, CNN was declared as very fake news by Trump this week. And look what happened today… Trump has officially ruined CNN. Watch …

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HOLY CRAP! Trump Just looked Straight Into The Camera And Issued DEVASTATING News To Hillary About What’s Coming!


HOLY CRAP! Trump Just looked Straight Into The Camera And Issued DEVASTATING News To Hillary About What’s Coming! Donald Trump’s first press conference was yesterday, and he absolutely ROASTED the media. And they’re still scrambling. Trump himself joked that the headlines would instead read “Donald Trump Rants And Raves At …

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BREAKING: Sarah Palin Just Beat The SNOT Out Of This Libtard Celebrity For Disturbing Her Breakfast


This may be the greatest thing EVER! According to sources who were on the scene and a waitress from a small breakfast joint just outside of Forks, Washington, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was trying to enjoy her biscuits and sausage gravy when she was disturbed by a shout from …

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The Media LIED! FBI Officially CLEARS General Flynn Of All Wrongdoing


General Michael Flynn is a hero who dedicated his life to this country. His forced resignation was nothing but a political assassination from Obama’s insiders. The mainstream media wants you to believe that Flynn had some secret relationship with Russia but that isn’t true and the intelligence community just confirmed …

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Poll Shows Almost EVERYONE Knows Trump’s Order Wasn’t ‘Muslim Ban’ Despite Liberal News Skewing Facts


A new poll finds that the majority of Americans do not see Trump’s executive order as a “Muslim ban”. So why is the mainstream media showing all these protesters that do? washingtonexaminer.com reports: The majority of U.S. voters do not think President Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from …

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Trump WINS Again! Trump Finds Law That Will Allow Him To BYPASS Court Rule On Travel Ban!


Even if President Trump can’t convince the courts to approve his extreme vetting executive order, he may have another tool at his disposal that would allow him to strip visas from some of the seven countries he’s trying to target, crackdown supporters say. A federal law says the government can …

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BREAKING: Trump Wastes No Time, Terrorists and Leftists Running Scared At Mike Flynn Replacement


President has wasted no time in working to replace Michael Flynn the now ex-National Security Advisor after a plot by the Obama Administration has forced Michael Flynn to resign. Trump’s choice is as you expected, the perfect person for the job! According to the Washington Examiner, the leading candidate to …

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POLL: Should Tim Kaine Be Arrested For Calling For Violence Against Trump?


Democratic Senator and Hilary Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, called for a civil war in America. He called out for a fight in the streets and online to combat “the Trump Administration”. During the Tuesday’s Morning Joe show on MSNBC, Tim Kaine said that the public should get out to …

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POLL: Did The Mainstream Media Lie About General Flynn Wrongdoing?


After the mainstream media revealed leaked information that supposedly showed ‘wrongdoing’, General Matt Flynn was asked to resign by President Trump. The FBI, however, has now revealed that there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Flynn. See full story here Did the mainstream media knowingly report ‘fake news’ against …

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