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Hillary Clinton Blames New Hampshire Loss On Too Many White People


Hillary Clinton Blames New Hampshire Loss On Too Many White People We know that the super-white Democratic Party likes to blame law-abiding productive white people for all of this country’s problems; so it’s no surprise that their super-white spokesmodel Hillary Clinton is scape-goating whitey for her rocky campaign start. After …

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Bernie Sanders Suddenly Looking and Sounding Like a Front-Runner

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DERRY, N.H. — Bernie Sanders, frontrunner? It sure feels like it on the campaign trail, where the famously independent senator is suddenly acting like a presidential candidate who might have something to lose — complete with a lengthy motorcade, little access to a candidate ensconced in the protection of the …

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Justin Bieber’s monkey

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Justin Bieber said he never meant to disrespect anybody Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Last month TMZ ran the no-nonsense headline: “Justin Bieber Booted For Baring Ass on Pyramids”, something the singer has now actually admitted and apologised for. There were conflicting reports whether Bieber was mooning at the site of the …

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President Obama encourages U.S. Muslims: ‘You fit in here’ At Baltimore mosque

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President Obama Wednesday delivered the comforting sermon to U.S. Muslims that their community leaders have been requesting for years, framing Islam as deeply American and its critics as violating the nation’s cherished value of religious freedom. Obama’s comments came in his first visit as president to a U.S. mosque. The …

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